You are a loving and passionate woman who is moving quickly through life, constantly giving to others.

You feel overwhelmed, underrated and maybe even invisible.

Let me help you!

These videos feature conversations with amazing women who offer their expertise to help you find ways to manage all aspects of your life in a loving, holistic, empowering way!  Choose from a wide array of topics.  


Episode 3: You Are the Story of Your Life

Melissa talks with Adrea Peters about how elements of story can help us to not only process our past stories, but also create new stories where we can break through the resistance and become the heroes we always have been.

Episode 2: Nature as a Stress Reliever

Melissa and Helen discuss “Nature as a Stress Reliever."  They explain why nature is so important to us, how it helps us with stress, and specific strategies to try that will have the most impact on your self care.

Episode 1: Friendship Turnover

Melissa and Meg discuss "Friendship Turnover", why this happens, and how to lovingly navigate this process of change. They share healing techniques and strategies to help guide you through these difficult losses, while setting up healthy boundaries, and building new relationships more aligned to your new core values.